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At The Bennington Law Firm, Inc., we are dedicated to providing your family with the three most important principals required in effective legal representation: Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion.

Our Philosophy

We collaborate with our clients to determine what their goals are and how best to achieve those goals, always making the best interests of their children the primary consideration. No two families are alike. Our signature approach is to customize a plan for each client based on their unique circumstances and family situation.

Your Solution

We will outline your options, and the risks and benefits of each, including pre-trial negotiation and settlement, alternative dispute resolution with a certified mediator, or taking your case to trial to be decided by a judge. We will offer recommendations and guidance based on more than twenty-five years of family law experience. Whichever path forward on which you decide, through meticulous preparation and fearless representation, we will advocate for you.

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Our skilled family lawyers are here to help. We are a small firm by design as this allows us to be selective as to the cases we accept and then provide outstanding personal service on each and every case. The Bennington Law Firm will give you the advice, support and advocacy you need to help you build a bridge to a better future. We get to know and care about each of our clients as individuals, not just cases.

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